Calm the anxious feelings

LP (Digital Marketing)

“A phobia of insects had impacted my life for as long as I could remember. If I even thought of a spider I would shake, cry and sometimes vomit with fear. I couldn’t even look at an image of one it was so bad. I’d started a new relationship and was planning extensive travel to Asia with my boyfriend. I needed to sort out this problem once and for all. After only a few sessions with June I was able to pick up a real spider. I was over the moon and my family could hardly believe it! Therapy helped me change my whole mind set on my phobia. I would recommend June to anyone in the same situation as me.”
LP had brief and highly focused therapy to eliminate her distressing phobia. Her habit of responding to insects had been established from an early age, and memories (real and imagined) plagued her. She didn’t understand why she reacted in the way she did. Using IEMT, this enabled her to separate and calm the anxious feelings associated with her difficult memories and find relief. LP no longer reacted negatively to the thought of spiders, or indeed when encountering real ones. A further session of hypnotherapy helped her maintain the change. She was also taught how to use EFT for herself so she had a portable toolkit to hand and she happily went off on her travels.
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“Therapy helped me change my whole mind set on my phobia. I would recommend June to anyone.”

Focus mindfully on the present

“I slowly managed to reduce the medication and eventually came off completely.”
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Gaining clarity

“I didn’t know what to do or how I could help myself. June was just what I needed.”
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Giving you the tools

"I’m looking more positively at my work now, enjoying my job and I’m ready to take my career to the next level."
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